Gondolr is the main human city in the world of Eternum Online, situated in an ideal location between Drithenriel and Pelinor to the south and Dwarrodell and Deephollow to the north, it is a focal point where players of all levels come to trade and socialise. It is also the starting point for human characters embarking on their adventure in Eternum Online.

Gondolir city center

Background story Edit

"Gondolir, a city based upon its ideal location for trade and commerce has proved itself to be a dominant force in times of war and a place of enormous strategic significance. The men of Gondolir have long fought a hardy fight against the Dark Elves to the east, but as of late a new menace has been drawing their resources south-westward, as the Bloodbane Orcs encroach further north past the river Aira. This threat must be assuaged if Gondolir is avoid being overwhelmed in a two-pronged attack on both fronts."

- Gondolir, chapter one