Drithenriel is the main elven city in Eternum Online, situated deep in the Drithenriel Forest it is one of the most ancient and prosperious civilisations in the land. A popular location due to its proximity to the dungeons Clan Smea, Kobold Den and Bloodbane , it is also the place where Elf characters begin their adventure in Eternum.


Background Story Edit

"The towers of Drithenriel have stood proud for many generations, a testament to the Elves centuries of prosperity. Outlasting great empires and civilisations, Drithenriel has always conquered any foe that has faced it – and there have been many over the ages.The latest danger to assault Drithenriel has come in the form of a goblin clan from the north. Taking an abandoned mine to the west as their base, the creatures have started an assault against the creatures of Drithenriel Forest and the West Gate. Whether their intentions are to merely mine the near-exhausted resources of the mine or to use it as a platform for further attacks against Drithenriel, they are an unwelcome presence in the forest and one which must be purged."

- Drithenriel, Chapter one